Manhattan Regional Airport aids summer flyers with additional flight to Chicago

Manhattan Regional Airport recently added a temporary flight to Chicago. Currently, the newly renovated passenger terminal offers three flights to Dallas and two flights to Chicago. (Alex Masson | Collegian Media Group)

Manhattan Regional Airport will offer a third daily flight to Chicago for 30 days starting July 7 to accommodate the surplus of summer travelers.

Jesse Romo, airport director, said the additional flight will be offered in the middle of the day for convenience through Aug. 4. Other daily flights to Chicago depart at 5:30 a.m. and 3:42 p.m.

“Having one extra flight adds to the convenience for people,” Romo said. “If there’s a weather delay for one flight, people can choose another flight.”

Romo said the decision was made by American Airlines based on a historical demand for travel during the summer months and also as a reward to Manhattan for being a good market.

Although the third flight is currently temporary, Romo added that the service may continue if demand is high enough.

“If we’re able to fill these flights without taking away from our other flights, we’ll be able to make a strong case to the airline for us to keep this additional service,” Romo said.