Service Inspections: Mexican restaurant out of health code compliance after first inspection


Antojitos mexicanos El sol
490 McCall Road
Date: July 5, 2018
Reason: First operational inspection after licensing
Result: Out of compliance

3-101.11 In the refrigerated prep table, a small container of canned corn is stored without a date mark. The person in charge did not know when it was opened. Corrected on-site: discarded by the person in charge.

3-302.11(A)(1)(a) An open package of raw chorizo is stored in a container in the top chill drawer under the flat grill. The bottom drawer stores cheese, ready-to-eat chicken and beef (no leakage detected). Corrected on-site: chorizo relocated to the bottom drawer in a lidded plastic container stored to the front of the drawer.

3-501.17(A) Made-on-site, ready-to-eat tamales in a zip lock bag are date marked June 25 to June 30. The person in charge said the tamales were made and frozen on June 25, and he removed them from the freezer this morning. He did not change the date (held more than 24 hours, but less than seven days). Corrected on-site: inspector provided education, date mark changed to indicated the thaw date July 5.

4-101.11 Uncooked rice, flour and ready-to-eat pork rinds are stored in non-food grade plastic storage totes. Corrected on-site: food placed in zip lock bags before placing them in storage totes.

4-702.11 Liquid storage containers with hands-free spigots are being washed, rinsed and placed in a sanitizing compartment with 0 ppm chlorine solution. Corrected on-site: containers returned from drying rack to sanitizing compartment and sanitized.

5-205.11(A) The kitchen hand-washing sink was inaccessible due to utensils filling the sink basin and a ladder in front of the sink with utensils stored on the ladder. The time is 10:23 a.m. The person in charge said he opened at 10 a.m and cooked pinto beans on the stove (134 F). Corrected on-site: utensils and ladder removed to make sink accessible.

6-301.12 There are no paper towels or other hand drying provisions at the kitchen handwashing sink. Corrected on-site: paper towels replenished.

6-501.111(A) There are four live flies landing and crawling on the clean utensils in the ware washing area and three live flies landing on the side of the freezer. Corrected on-site: utensils returned to wash compartment to be washed, rinsed and sanitized. NOTE: The person in charge has a licensed pest control company and fly traps installed within the kitchen. He is going to call the pest control company to see if there is anything else that can be applied to the outside of the building and try to install a fan at the large serving window.

All service inspections are available to the public on the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s website.

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