How to handle common mini-emergencies at K-State

Somteimes your car breaks down. Make sure you are prepared for anything that can happen. (Alex Shaw | Collegian Media Group)

Grievous injury, robbery, fire, natural disaster and serious illness don’t befall people on a regular basis (hopefully). It’s much more likely for one to encounter a mini-emergency, like a parking ticket or getting lost. In a place that isn’t home, new students may not know how to handle them. Read on to prepare for everyday mishaps.

So, you received your first (of many) parking tickets…

Sometimes students park in spots where and/or when they are not supposed to, which can result in a citation. Your first thoughts may be wondering why you received the citation and what to do next.

Jeff Barnes, interim director for Parking Services, said if someone doesn’t understand why they got a ticket they can call 785-532-PARK or email to ask about the citation.

If you do receive a citation, it must be paid in person at the Parking Services office in the parking garage at the corner of 17th Street and Anderson Avenue, by depositing payment in any yellow misuse fees boxes in metered lots or online within 14 days.

So, you’re having car trouble…

If you lock your keys in your car or need any other locksmithing done on campus, contact campus police at 785-532-6412.

If you have a flat tire, run out of gas or have a dead battery, call Parking Services at 785-532-PARK.

So, you lost your student ID…

K-State student IDs act as a photo ID, access/entry card, printing card, library card, Cat Cash debit card and meal plan card.

If you have lost your student ID, then you should first report it to the K-State ID Center at or 785-532-6399. The ID Center, located on the ground floor of the K-State Student Union, can flag lost or stolen cards to prevent future use.

Then, check lost and found in the Student Union’s Business Office on the third floor of the Union. You can reach the Business Office by taking the elevator or the east stairwell. You can also call the lost and found at 785-532-6575.

If your student ID is not in the lost and found, bring a photo ID and $20 to the ID Center to get a replacement.

So, you’re lost…

New students may find it difficult to navigate K-State’s large campus. There are some online resources that can help students reach their destination.

For any smartphone users, you can download the K-State Mobile app, which has an assortment of useful tools including an online map of the entire campus, complete with a search bar so you can look up the building you need to get to.

If a student does not have a smartphone then they can still access an online map of the campus at the university website.

There are also maps of the Olathe and Polytechnic campuses on the website.