Letter from the editors: Revamping storytelling for students, by students



The Collegian welcomes some of you back for another semester at Kansas State! For others, we welcome you to your first semester here.

For more than one hundred years, the Collegian has served as the independent voice for the K-State student body. We’re a news service by students and for students, committed to telling our collective story in the best way we can.

Media is no longer a one-way platform. Gone are the days of newspapers and media companies dictating the conversation, acting as gatekeepers of information. This change, by and large, is a great thing, but as an industry we have been slow to adapt.

The Collegian will now embrace that change and seek to build conversations between readers and ourselves. We want to be accessible to you. We want to build lines of dialogue so you can tell us what you want to read and know. Conversely, we can let you know about the stories that perhaps might have slipped under your radar and help you understand the more subtle issues that affect you as a student.

As always, our lines of communication are open for your feedback, news tips, suggestions, compliments, ideas, jokes — whatever it is you want to talk about, we’re here to listen.

If you have news to share with us, email news@kstatecollegian.com or fill out the form at kstatecollegian.com/contact/submit-news.

Got a letter to the editor to send in? Email it to letter@kstatecollegian.com or use the form at kstatecollegian.com/contact/letter-editor.

When in doubt, stop by our newsroom at Kedzie Hall 116, where you can speak to an editor about a question, comment or concern. You can also contact us on Facebook, Twitter or by phone at 785-370-6356 and by email at collegian@kstatecollegian.com.

Of course, K-State is nothing if not a family, and we want to be sure we capture the myriad of perspectives and voices in a family as large as K-State’s. For that reason, we have retooled our Opinion desk to now be the Community desk, headed by senior Kyle Hampel and junior Olivia Rogers, to seek out new perspectives and create a platform for student input on life at K-State. They will host Q&As, solicit and edit opinion columns from the student body and write columns of their own.

While most opinion columns published in the Collegian are representative of the author’s opinions and are not the official standpoint of the Collegian, from time to time, the Collegian’s editorial board may decide that an issue is important enough to the student body to warrant an official stance on our part. Whenever the editorial board issues such an opinion, these will be referred to as editorial and the byline will be The Collegian Editorial Board.

It’s important to note that the Collegian separates the editorial board from our newsgathering side. That means that in our effort to remain unbiased in our news reporting, no reporters will play any role in creating editorials, and our editorial board members will not report on issues on which they take a stance.

This semester, we’ve also added a Culture desk, headed by junior Katelin Woods and senior Macy Davis. This desk will be charged with covering anything and everything relating to K-State’s vibrant and thriving culture.

If you have a passion for writing, photography, graphic design, editing or anything related to journalism, come stop by the newsroom! We always invite writers, photographers and other talented students to work for and collaborate with us. Every assignment is paid. If you would like to contribute to the Collegian, stop by the newsroom, contact an editor or fill out a form at collegianmedia.com/join/apply.

We do not hide the fact that the newspaper industry has struggled massively in the past decade or so. For our staffers majoring in journalism, the future holds a feeling of uncertainty, and we can’t know what the industry will look like in even five years.

But we also look at this uncertainty with a sense of optimism and excitement. In essence, our mission is to tell stories, in whatever medium we can.

At a place like K-State, there will always be a story to tell, as well a community eager to hear it. No organization is better positioned to write about K-State like the Collegian, because as a newspaper staffed by and ran by students, we live these stories every day. For that reason, we see an opportunity to pave our path to be K-State’s best storytellers, and we invite you to join us in that journey.

Have a great fall semester, Wildcats!

Rafael Garcia, editor-in-chief, senior in mass communications

Dene Dryden, managing editor, junior in English

Rachel Hogan, deputy managing editor, junior in mass communications

Rachel Hogan
Hey, hi, hello! I’m Rachel Hogan, the copy chief for The Collegian. I’m a senior in journalism from Olathe, Kansas. When I’m not at work in the newsroom, I like to spend my time cuddling with my dog, working as a barista and laughing with my friends.