Grilled chicken nuggets, other menu additions now at Union Chick-fil-A Express

The Chick-Fil-A in the Kansas State Student Union (Cooper Kinley | Collegian Media Group)

If you’re at the Chick-Fil-A Express in the Kansas State Student Union, you might see some new menu options starting today.

The Union location will now start serving a few healthier options, like grilled chicken nuggets, grilled chicken cool wrap, veggie wraps and side salads — items that had already been available at other franchise locations.

While the items just went on the printed menu Wednesday, Amy VanDuesen, general manager of the Union location, said they had already been serving the items off-menu, since they wanted to the new items to be available as soon as school started back up.

The new items are just now being served because the Chick-fil-A Express is a licensed location owned by the Union, not a franchise, and needed to get approval from Chick-fil-A’s corporate arm before it was allowed to sell the grilled items. She said this is because corporate wants to streamline the Chick-fil-A Express menus.

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