Wildcat Welcome event encourages networking, alumni involvement for current students


The K-State Alumni Association held the annual Wildcat Welcome event on Thursday to help students network and encourage them to join the Alumni Association. Free Call Hall ice cream was served, and students had the chance to enter giveaways, with one prize being a $250 textbook scholarship.

Wildcats Forever is a club for current students to learn more about and support the association itself and to encourage them to be loyal alumni in the future.

Molly Bassette, senior in medical biochemistry and an assistant with the association, said the event’s main goal is to help students connect with Wildcats Forever.

“It’s a program where we look to get current students to start looking at the Alumni Association as more of a partnership and getting them to consider joining the association upon graduating,” Bassette said.

Bassette said some of the program’s perks include monthly giveaways, study rooms during finals week and association drawings.

The event was a chance for students to learn about the organization’s offerings.

“I don’t really know what the Alumni Association does, other than ask for donations from alumni,” David Bonham, senior in mechanical engineering, said.

While some students had little information on the association, the event’s organizer, Marcus Kidd, assistant director of student programs, made it clear they are working on getting their information to the students.

“We offer a lot to students and we want to reach out to them more in the future,” Kidd said. “We can give them access to scholarships, prizes and a career consult that can help students build resumes and prepare for job interviews.”