Local law enforcement stepping up DUI enforcement over holiday weekend

(Archive photo by Cassandra Nguyen | The Collegian)

The Riley County Police Department and other law enforcement agencies prepare for the long weekend by adding a checkpoint lane to catch those who choose to drive under the influence.

Hali Rowland, RCPD’s public information officer, said the department does not expect an increase in driving under the influence. Typically, Rowland said, there isn’t a difference or uptake in drunk driving over Labor Day weekend, but checkpoints are an added precaution.

“There will be a check lane beginning late Friday night into Saturday morning,” Rowland said.

This will be the only one of the weekend. According to the RCPD website, the check-lane will be situated in a location that has experienced a higher rate of drunk drivers. The particular location is unspecified.

“The goal is for people to be less likely to drive under the influence since they are unaware of where the check lane is,” Rowland said. “Ideally, no one would drive drunk.”

Rowland said checkpoints occur every few months. This particular check lane is funded by the Kansas Department of Transportation’s Highway Safety Project.

There will be an increase of patrols before and during game-time at the Kansas State vs. South Dakota football game. Lieutenant Bradli Millington of the Kansas State Police Department said there will be an emphasis on the Bill Snyder Family Stadium area.

“Our main focus is safety,” Millington said. “We encourage students to use common sense this weekend. I suggest letting friends know where you are going and when to expect you back. Traveling in groups is the safest option. Downloading the LiveSafe app is a good way to remain safe when alone.”

Normal patrol functions will be in place for the rest of the weekend, Millington said. There will not be any checkpoints on campus specifically to monitor for drunk drivers.

Bailey Britton
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