New game day experiences coming K-State thanks $230-million facilities upgrades

Photo courtesy of K-State Athletics.

New facilities are what helps draw in top-notch student athletes, and K-State Athletics has unveiled a new plan to update all facilities in the next 10-15 years with the new $230 million renovation plan.

Athletics Director Gene Taylor expressed eagerness toward the new project in K-State Athletics’ news release about the renovations.

“Our goal is to provide our teams the best facilities they need to compete for championships while doing so in a manner that makes sense for K-State, both financially and practically,” Taylor said.

Kansas State is currently in the middle of a $10 million renovation at Tointon Family Stadium, a $10 million renovation at the soccer stadium and field and a $4 million renovation at the R.V. Christian Track Complex.

Here is a list of new renovation plans:

  • $29 million for the south end zone of Bill Snyder Family Stadium
  • $17.5 million for a new volleyball arena
  • $13 million for a new Olympic Training Facility
  • $24.5 million for a new football indoor facility and outdoor practice field
  • $85 million for Bramlage Coliseum renovations
  • $12 million new indoor track facility
  • $4.5 million renovation to the Brandeberry complex
  • $4.5 million golf complex at Colbert Hills
  • $14.5 million new indoor tennis facility
  • $5.5 million new soccer practice pavilion

Cortney Berndt, junior in elementary education, said she is excited for the renovations and the possibility of how it will change K-State Athletics.

“Some of them need better facilities but its a lot of money, Berndt said. “I think it will help teams with recruiting if they have better facilities.”

Berndt’s excitement for the renovations is echoed by other students, too.

“I think recruits will find it more appealing to come to K-State with a new facility, and more people will attend games knowing it is not a run-down, old facility,” Sara Kuckelman, freshman in open option, said.

Matthew McGuire, sophomore in architecture, said, “It looks like they are finally giving the facilities some love and should boost the popularity from both athletes and alumni.”

While the plans have been drawn up, nothing will happen until K-State has met with donors to determine how to fund the project.

For a complete list of what the renovations will include, click here.

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