REVIEW: The only terrifying thing about ‘Slender Man’ was its quality

Image courtesy of Sony Pictures

People watch horror movies because they want to be frightened. The rush of a good scare can be a thrilling experience.

It was unfortunate to say that I was not given a thrilling experience while watching ”Slender Man.”

In a small town in Massachusetts, a group of girls is intrigued by the lore of Slender Man. Out of curiosity and boredom, they attempt to summon the lanky, faceless being.

It was all fun and games until the girls are plagued with nightmares and one of them goes missing. They are faced with the realization that Slender Man is more than a myth.

Slender Man’s sole purpose is to abduct, torture and get into the heads of young innocent children; in theory, this would make for a great horror film.

The film that I have had the displeasure of seeing was boring. It had very little scare factor. The flashes of unsettling imagery did not salvage what this film could have been.

With only ninety minutes to the movie and a good chunk of it being dedicated to clips of creepy images, I feel like the writer and director didn’t put much effort into bringing this monster to life.

The storyline jumped around, and it was hard to connect with flat characters that you knew almost nothing about. When these characters finally meet their inevitable demise, it was neither shocking or scary.

However, I will say that the movie has a great cast. It starred the now very popular Joey King, whose acting skills were the highlight of this movie.

I believe that this movie could have been much better. The myth behind Slender Man holds a lot of potential that wasn’t utilized in this film.

If you’re a huge horror buff, this movie might not be the one for you. In my experience, it was a waste of money.

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