Kat’s Corner: “Empty Chairs”


Kat’s Corner is a poetry segment that is open to student submission. If you would like your piece potentially published, email the culture editor at krwoods@ksu.edu. This following piece is from the Collegian’s news editor, Kaylie McLaughlin.

The names of the boys I have loved
are still places set at the table
on my tongue,
the hopefulness and longing found at the
empty chairs marking my rejection.

I keep adding leaves to the table,
making room for more syllables strung
together that will burn like the
coffee I slurp so impatiently
every morning.

Kaylie Mclaughlin
My name is Kaylie McLaughlin and I'm one of the Co-Editors-in-Chief. I grew up just outside of Kansas City in Shawnee, KS. I’m a sophomore in digital journalism with a minor in French and a secondary focus in international and area studies. In the past, I’ve focused primarily on multimedia journalism, but I’ve always been passionate about storytelling. I am fueled by a lot of coffee and I spend my (sparse) free time watching stand-up comedy and reading news magazines.