Kat’s Corner: “Life is Better Hanging Out of Car Windows”

(Photo illustration by Katelin Woods | Collegian Media Group)

Kat’s Corner is a poetry segment that is open to student submission. If you would like your piece potentially published, email the culture editor at krwoods@ksu.edu. This following piece is from the Collegian’s culture editor, Katelin Woods.

Life is better hanging out of car windows

sitting in restaurants where they cook in front of you

and dancing so hard you feel your heartbeat
t h u d
heavy and harmonious
in the calves of your sparrow bone legs

Life is better losing sleep for all the right reasons
singing to songs birthed before you
came out

talking to strangers even though who really knows how to
being comfortably uncomfortable
one step outside the frame they attempt to
you into

Life is better taking the picture
getting angry when it counts
with passion licking the hides of your chest cavity

Life is better when you are a light that never goes out
when breast strokes
start feeling like brush strokes
when you are the bamboo shoot claiming the sky

Life is better
when you choose to stick around to live it

My name is Katelin Woods and I graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts in public relations in May 2020. I worked as the first audience engagement manager of the Collegian from 2019 to 2020 and took photos for the multimedia staff. I was also the founding editor of the culture desk in 2018. I am an enthusiast of a poetry, pizza roll and pajamas.