Students find themes of expression, connection in art

(Photo illustration by Sarah Millard | Collegian Media Group)

Art carries different meanings for different people. Here’s what art means to Kansas State students.

“Art is what I do and who I am and everything I see and know,” Maria Vieyra, senior in psychology, said. “Sometimes I swear that I need it more than I need to breathe, but the real question is: If it isn’t art, what is?”

Two theatre majors find similar themes of connection and expression within art.

“Art means that I can, for one thing, depict my thoughts and emotions in a unique way that words cannot fully express,” Kaitlyn Burns, junior in theatre, said.

Michael Duncan, junior in theatre, said art is a way to find connections with everything.

“It’s a way to see and identify the beauty and value of ideas, other people and life as a whole,” Duncan said.

Students suggested a sense of versatility in art—it’s not necessarily a concrete entity, but also a way in which humans connect to another, identify their identities, a method in which people seek to feel wholly seen, to find relatability.

“Art … allows you to communicate emotions, senses, and concepts for for the discussion that allows the viewer to develop understanding and connections with the pieces,” Adam Carr, senior in human resources, said.

Often, art isn’t the experience of just painting a picture, transcribing a poem, or producing a song—it’s the observation of how creating them made one feel, of how it made others, feel, too.

Although art means different things to different people, we all seek to find understanding within it.

What does art mean to you?