Letter to the editor: Sen. Moran deserves thanks from K-Staters


We, as students of Kansas State, should thank Sen. Jerry Moran for reaffirming his commitment to his constituency by taking the time to meet with us here on campus.

His Landon Lecture on Tuesday was engaging, emotional and impactful, and we are especially grateful for the opportunity to meet with him afterward in a student-focused session.

Given today’s political climate, Moran’s bipartisanship has positively impacted poverty-fighting legislation, including global health and domestic feeding programs.

Sen. Moran has championed global health issues by co-sponsoring the Reach Every Mother and Child Act, saving 5.9 million children from preventable diseases.

On Tuesday, Moran reaffirmed his commitment to working on these critical global health issues; in particular, he said he would “weigh in” on providing $302 million in critical funding to the United States Agency for International Development, or USAID, to continue fighting tuberculosis.

Sen. Moran also demonstrated his commitment to fight hunger in the United States, and assured us, the K-State family, that the Farm Bill would only pass the Senate if it protected the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, keeping food on the table for 2 million Americans. This would include helping one in five people fighting food insecurity in Riley County alone.

The lives of our members of Congress can be busy, and Sen. Moran taking the time out of his schedule to listen and engage students in his constituency deserves our appreciation. We encourage our fellow members of the K-State community to say “thank you” to Sen. Moran.

— Jonathan Cole, RESULTS REAL Change Fellow, student senator and senior in mechanical engineering

— Mathew Orzechowski, student senator and senior in industrial engineering

— Christine Rock, RESULTS REAL Change Fellow, co-founder of Food Recovery Network at K-State and senior in food science and industry

— Hayley Spellman, RESULTS Volunteer, student senator and senior in political science