Dos and don’ts: Tips to nail your interview

A representative from 9Round fitness jokes with a student while discussing career opportunities at the business career fair on February 21, 2018, in the K-State Student Union ballroom. (File photo by Alex Todd | Collegian Media Group)

After introducing yourself to potential employers, networking and handing out your resume, an interview is hopefully near. The experience, as nerve-racking as the experience might be, the process doesn’t have to be so tricky.

Paige Engle, a 2017 Kansas State student ambassador and senior in mass communications, said she went through several interviews before landing her position.

Engle said her advice to students preparing for an interview is to “radiate confidence” and focus on being yourself.

“Being yourself is key to an interview,” Engle said. “An interview is not about trying to sell yourself to get a position, but to see if you’d truly be fitting for that company or job. If you sell yourself as someone who you’re not, are you really the person for the job?”


The K-State Career Center’s website provides a list of tips for students, such as coming to the meeting dressed to impress to illustrate focus and professionalism.

Another tip is to ask questions because it shows interest in the job, but also give the interviewee an opportunity to be sure the job fits with what they are expecting.

Brooke Evans, senior in horticulture, has a full-time job awaiting her when she graduates.

“One thing that helped employers see my knowledge and interests was when I’d ask them questions about something and provide possible answers,” Evans said.

Kerri Keller, executive director of the Career Center, said another important aspect of interviewing to remember is to follow up

“Following up is at least a professional courtesy,” Keller said. “At its best, it allows you to reiterate your interest in an employer and emphasize what you have to offer once again.”

For more information about how to nail your interview, check out the Career Center’s Interviewing and Etiquette guide.