Novelty Night: UPC offers a crafty solution to looming midterm stress


This past Friday, the Union Program Council hosted their annual Novelty Night, filling the K-State Student Union Courtyard with crafting stations.

A group of professionals from Kansas City helped over a hundred people get their hands immortalized in colored wax.

Along with the hand waxing came multiple artistic opportunities such as decorating mason jars, a station for creating collages and calendars, canvases for painting or sketching and yarn to braid.

“It’s like a little Pinterest event,” said Katherine Trupp, a junior in biology and UPC After Hours coordinator.

Annaleigh Hobbs, freshman in elementary education, read about the event on a poster in her dorm. She was one of the first to create a wax mold of her hand.

“I love how KSU has so many events for students that are run by students,” Hobbs said. “It’s a really cool way to meet new people and interact with people you might not see often.”

It wasn’t just students who participated in the arts and crafts, though. Families from around the surrounding area spread about the Union Courtyard decorating and designing little trinkets and art.

Connie Mitchell, mother of K-State student, said she decided the UPC event would make a more fun Friday night than sitting at home. She joined in with her son in creating a mobile of moon phases.

“It’s fun to be able to sit and do art like this,” Mitchell said.

Andrew Marsh, graduate student in marketing, said he has seen many of UPC’s craft nights from past years, but Friday’s was the busiest.

He said nights like Novelty Night, especially with midterms coming up, are a “more enjoyable, relaxing, stress-free” replacement of the normally hectic weekends students are prone to.”