Heated soccer match against Oklahoma leaves K-State defeated 1-0

The Kansas State University soccer team huddles together during halftime in the Wildcats' match against the University of Oklahoma Sooners on Sunday. (Abigail Compton | Collegian Media Group)

The sun beat down on Kansas State soccer’s home game Sunday and so did the Sooners on the Wildcats’ hopes for a conference game win. With both teams coming off a loss, K-State and Oklahoma battled in the heat, but OU came out to win 1-0.

K-State kicked off, and OU immediately put pressure on the ball. Oklahoma stole the ball and took it down the field, where OU’s Kaylee Dao took a shot straight at the goalkeeper. In the 46th second, the ball was deflected off K-State’s sophomore goalie Emma Malsy and knocked into the back of the net by OU midfielder Ericka Yost. The Sooners took the lead in the first minute of the game.

The early goal left K-State unsteady in the first half. Hoping to make up the difference, the Wildcats pushed to create opportunities, but the Sooners’ pressure made it difficult for K-State to maintain possession.

Tension built as Oklahoma had two quick fouls and K-State sophomore midfielder Brookelynn Entz shoved an OU player for not moving out of the way of a free kick. There were nine fouls in the first half, six by OU and three by K-State.

The ball remained mostly on K-State’s side as the Sooners continued to press forward.

The K-State goalkeeper made crucial saves to keep the Oklahoma lead as small as possible. Yost took a shot heading for the top of the goal. Malsy barely got a fingertip on the ball, knocking it out right above the bar. A minute later she punched the ball from an incoming corner kick out of the goalie box.

All five of K-State’s shots on goal were saved by Oklahoma’s goalkeeper McKinley Crone.

In the last ten minutes of the first half, K-State was able to maintain possession and press forward, creating more opportunities, but were unlucky and unable to find the back of the net.

The first half ended with Wildcats down 1-0. K-State started the second half with more energy.

“We switched it on mentally with a lot more urgency, we created so many chances,” Mike Dibbini, head soccer coach, said to K-State Sports.

Two corners and three shot attempts gave the Wildcats a hopeful start to the second half.

In the 62nd minute, OU’s Paige Thompson received the first yellow card. Dao quickly followed, earning herself a yellow card a minute later.

Frustration in both teams could be seen through the increased physicality of the game. Sophomore defender Avery Green was given a yellow card after hitting heads with Dao. The resulting free kick in the middle of the field was taken by the OU goalie. The ball soared to the K-State goalie box and was saved by Malsy.

As the clock ticked down, K-State continued to push forward trying to respond to Oklahoma’s early goal. However, the Wildcats were unable to score and lost their second conference game 1-0.

Coach Dibbini was positive about his team’s performance:

“We played a really good game, we were just unlucky trying to find the back of the net,” he said to K-State Sports.

On Friday, K-State will travel to play against West Virginia. The game will be broadcast on 101.5 KROCK.