Trevor Noah shakes up McCain with comedy set

Headshot of Trevor Noah courtesy of KPBS

An eruption of laughter spread to every corner of the dimly lit McCain Auditorium Friday night as Trevor Noah kept the audience’s attention with his comedy set.

Trevor Noah, a South African comedian and host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central, made his way to the Little Apple to perform stand-up comedy.

Noah is the author of the critically acclaimed autobiographical comedy book “Born a Crime” and was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine.

Noah’s ability to make people laugh and think deeply about current political issues is seen consistently throughout his work. This was no different Friday night.

Beginning with what Kansas is famous for, “The Wizard of Oz,” Noah made a few jokes about Dorothy; a brief Obama impression was soon to follow.

Quickly he moved on to a comedic explanation of inequality between men and women. While he held the topic with sincerity, he brought humor to the issue with his comedic skills.

“Do you think if women made laws about our balls we would just sit back and say, ‘Well, that’s the law’?” Noah said, discussing his belief on how bizarre it is that men write laws that only affect women’s bodies.

He continued on the topic, explaining his discovery of inequality and the patriarchy as he reenacted scenes from his childhood being raised by a single mother.

Noah reminisced on not thinking periods were a disgusting until other boys told him they were.

“Why are we so uncomfortable talking about a thing that happens to half of the population?” Noah questioned. “Imagine if men had their periods.”

The auditorium filled with laughter as Noah acted through how a man would react to different situations women are put in when they get their period.

In light of the current sexual allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, he says it is critical to support women but not believe everything a person hears. Just as police support people who come in saying there was a crime committed, Noah explained.

Not long after, Noah transitioned to talking about politics. Then came his Trump impersonation.

According to Noah, people are more politically engaged than ever.

“Trump has taken things to the next level,” Noah said. “We are learning about the presidency of the United States at the same time as the President of the United States.”

Not only did Noah’s impersonations evoke laughter, they allowed the audience to be emerged into the story he is trying to tell. This was evident as he finished off the set with a comedic impression of a conversation between Melania Trump and her husband.

Noah left the stage with a standing ovation. He thanked Manhattan for a great night and exited McCain Auditorium.