Kansas Supreme Court to hold special session in Manhattan


The Kansas Supreme Court will hear two cases during a special session at Manhattan High School on Monday, marking the court’s first special session in Manhattan.

The session will begin at 6:30 p.m., but attendees are encouraged to arrive early for a security checkpoint. Certain items will be restricted for entry, including food or drinks, large bags, large purses, backpacks, computer cases, briefcases, knives, pepper spray, firearms, weapons or electronic devices.

On Friday, the court announced a change, stating it will now hear the State of Kansas v. Julia Colleen Evans, according to the Clerk of the Appellate Courts records. The case was originally filed in Dickinson County.

The second case from Wyandotte County is State of Kansas v. Lee Edward Williams, where fair trial is at question.

“The Constitution guarantees a fair trial, not a perfect one,” Jeffrey Jackson, professor at Washburn University School of Law, said.

Beyond the interest of the cases themselves, Jackson said exposure to the judicial branch of Kansas in this very public manner is educational.

“I think it [illustrates] how the trial system works — all of the different decisions the judges have to make in regards to the evidence and how judges have to weigh all of these things to make sure the trial is fair,” Jackson said. “I think it counteracts if your only exposure to the justice system has been in movies.”