Glitter and sprinkles: Two students find extra cash in side hustles

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If college students are knowledgeable in anything, it’s going hungry, going without sleep and going broke. While many students find themselves working whatever job pays the most, some students not only work at their standard job but also take it into their own hands to make extra cash through a side hustle.

Chauncie Perkins, senior in apparel and textiles, and Sierra McCain, junior in bakery science and management, both created their own small businesses. They provide products to all of Manhattan, but they have found that a large portion of their customer bases is students.

Perkins went into freelance makeup artistry. Since high school, she has able to develop her skills while the makeup industry grew.

“I was always the girl to bring all of her makeup to school on picture day, special events and even game days for the cheerleaders and my friends,” Perkins said.

In the beginning, she did makeup for fun, but it slowly began to take off. Realizing this could be a real source of income for the future, she started charging for her services during her freshman year at K-State.

“Everyone always complimented my work and told me how good I was and I figured, why not make a little extra money on the side?” Perkins said.

As people started to take notice of her talent, she also realized her love for it and her love for making others feel good about themselves.

Although she is a student here in Manhattan, she frequently returns home to Kansas City, where she has consistent demand from wedding parties, baby showers, graduations and fashion shoots.

As Perkins prepares to graduate, she has created a path for herself that can benefit her career in apparel marketing.

“I feel that I will be able to turn my side hustle into an actual business here soon, once I am done with school,” she said.

Just like Perkins utilizing her talent for make-up, McCain has focused her talents in the same way through her cupcake business, Sisi’s Sweet Shop.

McCain began her baking escapes in her sophomore year of high school when a friend asked her to make cupcakes for her birthday. A second request followed the first.

“People started paying me to make cupcakes for them and placing orders left and right,” McCain said. “Before I knew it, I had a whole business and was catering different events.”

Although McCain started her business early on, she still finds ways to learn and develop her business. Working in bakeries for internships and as a job on campus, she has gained wisdom to use throughout life as her side hustle grows.

“I learn the ins and outs of how a bakery is properly supposed to run,” McCain said. “I’ve also learned how to make sure that I am making a profit as well as food safety and how to properly care for both my ingredients and equipment.”

Although the junior spends many hours studying, she stills makes time for baking.

“I get lost in the kitchen, time seems to fly by and I don’t even realize it,” McCain said.

McCain loves creating and making more flavors to satisfy and make others happy.

“I love seeing my hard work pay off. When I see the faces on my clients faces when they are having one of my cupcakes it makes it all worth it.”