Some classrooms at K-State are a little worse for wear, but improvements are on the horizon


With a campus that is more than 150 years old, some of the facilities are becoming a little worse for wear. Last spring, a 12-person committee formed to plan the renovations for a couple of the more worn down classrooms.

The process began with a survey that went out to Kansas State regarding which improvements the students and faculty thought should be a top priority. With the results from the survey in mind, the committee took a remodel-minded tour through the list of classrooms, Lacy Pitts, student body vice president and senior in agricultural economics, said.

Throughout the tour, Pitts said, the conversations centered around defining what they would want in a good lecture hall and what characteristics define a bad lecture hall.

Pitts said some of the classrooms they looked at throughout their tour did not have central air conditioned or had odd seating arrangements, which Pitts said aligned with the results from the survey.

“If a student is not comfortable in the classroom then they cannot concentrate on learning,” Pitts said.

Laurel Littrell, committee member and professor at Hale Library, said the experience so far on the committee has been positive.

“Everyone has worked together cooperatively to provide much needed classroom renovations so that as many students as possible at K-State will benefit from the academic infrastructure fee,” Littrell said.

Heather Mills, chair of the committee and planning manager for facilities, said there are a few plans already in motion.

“The students are the ones who are driving this remodel; they have a lot of say about the classrooms we change,” Mills said.

Mills said they are planning for one lecture hall remodel to be completed in 2020 and a midsize classroom renovation is currently being planned as well.

With the renovations, the remodeled classrooms will be complete with new finish, furniture and updated technology.