Students share why they did not attend KSUnite

K-State students, faculty and community members listen to the speakers at the 2018 KSUnite event in the Student Union on Tuesday. (Alex Todd | Collegian Media Group)

Between midterms, projects and Homecoming week activities, some students said, piled-up responsibilities prevented them from attending the KSUnite rally on Tuesday even though classes were canceled.

“I wasn’t well informed of what KSUnite is, plus I have some school work to do tonight,” Jack Behrndt, freshman in kinesiology, said. “I think if more professors talked about it in class or had more students talking about the event that would’ve [helped] with awareness.”

Many students, like Bailey Hittle, sophomore in agricultural communications and journalism, said the cancellation of classes was an opportunity to catch up on school work. With midterms just around the corner, Hittle said she had several exams this week and combined with her job, all these responsibilities limited her free time.

“I am disappointed that I’m unable to attend, but I feel working and making the time time to study is a better use of my free time,” Hittle said.

Some students who attended KSUnite last year said they did not attend this year because they didn’t feel it was advertised enough, which ultimately resulted in low awareness among students.

Matt Davidson, sophomore in biological and agricultural engineering, said he had previously attended KSUnite because he wanted to support campus unity as did many of his friends.

“I had no clue that KSUnite was happening today,” Davidson said. “I remember seeing a few things that talked about the event but nothing really stuck out to me for me to realize it was today.”

Davidson said he appreciated last year’s rally and felt he took away key points on multiculturalism and unity as a college campus.