It’s National Fire Prevention Week, and at K-State, fire officials are demonstrating preparedness


In an effort to educate students, staff and Manhattan community members about fire safety, local fire officials have teamed up to put on two days of educational events in Bosco Plaza.

Randy Slover, the university fire marshal, says the goal of the activities is education because most people don’t think about fire safety until it is too late.

The initiative that the officials are emphasizing is look, listen and learn. In the event of a fire, individuals should look for places where a fire could happen and address the problem before it is too late; listen for the sound of a smoke alarm and know how to respond; and learn two ways out of every room.

“Look for places that fires could start and fix them,” Kelly Ingold with the state fire marshal’s office said. “Know the sound of a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide monitor.”

A smoke detector has three beeps and a carbon monoxide monitor has four beeps. It is important for students to know the difference between these two when it comes to calling 911 for help.

Finally, individuals should develop an escape plan with the people in their homes, residence halls or Greek houses so that they can escape a fire quickly. A good option is to check the windows in all of the rooms to see which ones open so that you have a secure escape plan before it is too late.

Another way of being proactive is by getting renter’s insurance. While it may only be a few additional dollars onto an insurance plan, it can save you a lot of hassle and money later on if something does happen at your home. Even if items aren’t damaged by fire or smoke, water damage from fire suppression efforts can ruin a person’s belonging, Jack Lousch of the Manhattan Fire Department said.

After the Wefald Hall fire last semester, Ingold said it’s important to remind students about fire safety.

“A lot of students don’t think this will happen but it’s always possible,” Ingold said.

In addition to the fire safety table outside of the K-State Student Union, the Manhattan Fire Department will host a free fire safety event from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday at the fire station on Kimball and Denison.

The event will allow people to ride on Old Engine 1, learn about fire safety, practice fire safety plans and learn about fire sprinklers with live burn demonstrations.

Molly Hackett
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