Nationally renowned voting advocate encourages students to participate in politics

In Forum Hall of the Student Union special guest speaker Carolyn DeWitt presents her lecture, How Our Freedom to Vote is Under Attack, as part of the Lou Douglas lecture series. De Witt, the executive director of Rock the Vote, came to Kansas State on October 9th, 2018. (Rowan Jones|Collegian Media Group)

Nationally renowned voting advocate Carolyn Dewitt spoke on the challenges that the young voters faces and how they could be fixed in the K-State Student Union on Tuesday night.

Dewitt is the president and executive director of Rock the Vote, the largest national organization focused on building long-term political power for the country’s most diverse youth generation.

After studying media outside the United States during her time in Kenya, Dewitt gained a unique perspective that taught her the value of democracy and free elections. She became a passionate advocate for voting and spends her time encouraging young citizens to exercise their right to vote.

“You may not care about voting right now, but you absolutely need to care about your choice. You have the ability, you have the freedom to vote,” Dewitt said. “You cannot ignore that.”

Dewitt encouraged students to register and vote in both federal and state elections, emphasizing technology’s role in simplifying the process, from online registration to absentee ballots.

“I’m already registered in the system to vote, and I was already gonna vote in the mid-term elections,” Jonathan Greenlee, junior in business administration, said.

And some international students also expressed their views on the free elections in the United States.

“After this speech, I understood the system of American civil liberties elections. For me, it is necessary for those who can’t speak out to stand up,” Zhuoya Li, junior in statistics and data science, said.