P.A.W.S. hosts “LEGO my Eggo” event for Mental Wellness Week

After enjoying some waffles, sophomores Connor Ryan and Josh Porter build a Transformer out of LEGOs at a Mental Wellness Week event on Oct. 12, 2018. (Alex Todd | Collegian Media Group)

Peer Advocates for Mental Wellness hosted “LEGO my Eggo” in the Bluemont Room in the K-State Student Union on Friday. They handed out free Eggo waffles, hot apple cider and hot chocolate.

The event was part of Mental Health Wellness Week. Students not only had free food and hot drinks, but could also play with LEGO bricks. Inspired by the hit Netflix TV show “Stranger Things,” the event was the result of a final project by a P.A.W.S. student assigned the topic of stress management who graduated last semester.

“This was solely student-created,” said Wendy Barnes, online programs outreach coordinator for Counseling Services. “I make sure my students are putting in all this effort to create these projects, that I’m seeing these projects through, even if they graduate.”

Barnes said they put on the event to help students during a busy time of the year.

“It’s play therapy,” Barnes said. “It’s just to enjoy, sit down, relax, hang out with people, play with LEGOs and eat waffles. It’s just all about a relaxation technique for students during a really stressful time.”

Students who attended the event could also spend time drawing on the tables, which were covered in paper, and learn about other stress management techniques.

P.A.W.S. was satisfied with the turnout to the event, as Barnes went to the grocery store only 15 minutes after the event started to get more waffles, afraid they would soon run out.

“It’s been a lot of fun,” said Max Jenkins, junior in psychology and peer educator in P.A.W.S. “It’s really nice to see that a lot of people ended up coming to support us and the cause that we go for. Midterms week is around us now, so it’s just something to unwind and enjoy the week.”

Kaden Meitler, sophomore in kinesiology, thought the event was a great opportunity to find relief from the cold weather and the stress of schoolwork.

“I saw that there was free food and free hot chocolate,” Meitler said. “I was cold this morning so, it [sounded] like a pretty good deal. I think every college kid is stressed out, so any chance they have to relax and calm down is a good thing. This is great for that.”

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