Kat’s Corner: “Beyond the Curves”

(Photo illustration by Marcella Brooks | Collegian Media Group)

Kat’s Corner is a poetry segment that is open to student submission. If you would like your piece potentially published, email the culture editor at krwoods@ksu.edu. This following piece is from William Bernard, sophomore in mass communications.

The ruby red glow is that which I notice of some chance encounter years past, 
Fragrance lingers often when they’re gone, and its nostalgia makes the palpitations grow fast, 
Male, of moderate standing, when in their presence count himself to not be counted last. 

Reaching out a hand to greet them at the door and to make chivalrous acts well known, 
Can it be counted as genuine, this flattery in the ultimate quest to find a mate and not be alone, 
The lengths which men go to assure their place, fearing to be too soft or too harsh in their tone. 

When the game has ended and pieces are no longer in play, the queen sits in a lavishly fashioned keep, 
We can continue with small talk and smokehouse humor, or can retire to my bedroom and seldom sleep, 
Hours stretch to the sun’s rise and the pleasure of the night has faded, into the dustpan this we sweep. 

Longing to see this divine being once more, contact is exchanged in the hopes that either will return, 
“Maybe they only wanted me for one night.” Neither knows where they stand, this they must discern, 
Fortune favors few and those wasting opportunity languish in their mistake, for others await their turn. 

Stopping mid-sentence and hearing a name that brings pain, then only to realize that I shouldn’t care, 
Marveling at couples surrounding the fabric of everyday life, taking pause only to contemplate each pair, 
Look inwards and see the void left to be filled and fantastical love that could eventually reside there. 

Negative or not, the thought of or hope of, never mind the pain can shatter emotion through the nerves, 
In this new woman, a new adventure, I find myself laughing as old and new thought swerves, 
I now look past her body, and the mind, blessed to get to know, there is more to her Beyond the Curves.