Kat’s Corner: “A Life Not for the Weary”

Photo illustration by Katelin Woods

Kat’s Corner is a poetry segment that is open to student submission. If you would like your piece potentially published, email the culture editor at krwoods@ksu.edu. This following piece is from the Collegian’s culture editor, Katelin Woods.

A Life Not for the Weary
by Katelin Woods

scars splitting freckles
like sinkholes in corpus callosum

the Ophelia submerged within my hide
has yet to hear the willow branch snap

she is passing around wilting rue
with roots clutching clumps of dirt

my siphoned blood collected in the belly of bathtub pipes
tell of a mind, “o’erthrown”

but blood boiled & blue
speaks on my behalf

the open mouth of graveyards
are left gaping

I have died many times to finally feel alive

count me absent to my funeral procession
my obituary will read, “better off next time”

there are beasts hibernating within my mind
and spring is never coming

these shatters have been molded into stained glass sistine chapels
witnesses and ring bearers

to the marriage of myself

Katelin Woods
My name is Katelin Woods and I graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts in public relations in May 2020. I worked as the first audience engagement manager of the Collegian from 2019 to 2020 and took photos for the multimedia staff. I was also the founding editor of the culture desk in 2018. I am an enthusiast of a poetry, pizza roll and pajamas.