Service Inspections: Tallgrass Tap House and Daylight Donuts


Tallgrass Tap House

320 Poyntz Ave.

Date: Oct. 19, 2018

Reason: Routine

Result: In compliance

3-401.14(F)(1) Raw chicken wings are cooked in a noncontinuous cooking process by par-frying to 155℉ or 160℉ in a deep fryer, placed on a shallow metal baking sheet and placed in the walk-in cooler to cool to 41℉ before placing portions into plastic bags and date marked. When an order is placed, the chicken wings are fried to complete the cooking process before serving. Fully cooked poultry must reach 165℉ for 15 seconds.

Corrected on-site: Person in charge said the raw chicken wings would be par-fried to 165℉ until the Regulatory Authority approves the process they plan to submit.

3-401.14(F)(2) Person in charge said he has not prepared a written procedure for using a noncontinuous process for par-frying raw chicken wings.

Corrected on-site: Person in charge said the chicken wings would be par-fried to 165℉ until the Regulatory Authority approves the process they plan to submit.

3-501.15(A) In the walk-in cooler, noncontinuously par-fried chicken wings (52℉) are bagged, sealed, stored in a plastic container without a lid and stacked on a plastic container with a lid of the same product. There is condensation on the bags. Person in charge said the wings were par-fried at 9 a.m., placed on a shallow baking metal pan and placed in walk-in cooler to cool fully before placing in portion bags.

Corrected on-site: Chicken wings removed from bags, placed on a shallow metal baking pan and placed in the freezer to cool. Inspector recommends taking temperatures before portioning in small batches to keep wings at 41℉ or lower.

3-501.16(A)(2) In the make table on the west side of the cook line, four portion bags of diced pork (45℉) and four bags of cooked on-site pasta (45℉) are dated 10/17. Person in charge said the bags were in the make table overnight and temperatures were not taken this morning except for the ambient thermometers. Time is now 12:08 p.m.; ambient temperature is 42℉ (held more than four hours out of temperature).

Corrected on-site: Pork and pasta discarded, thermostat adjusted.

3-603.11(B) The menu does not have a disclosure identifying hamburgers as a menu item that can be cooked to order. Person in charge said customers can order their hamburger to the desired doneness.

Corrected on-site: Poster posted identifying hamburgers. New menus are scheduled to be printed within the next 45 days.

4-203.11 Digital thermometer provided and accessible reads 154℉ in a glass of ice with water.

Corrected on-site: New digital thermometer provided and calibration checked.

7-201.11(A) In the upper-level patio bar area, there is a spray bottle labeled as a sanitizing solution hanging and pointing toward a bottle of hot sauce (no leakage detected).

Corrected on-site: Spray bottle relocated.

Daylight Donuts

520 S Fifth St.

Date: Oct. 25, 2018

Reason: Modified complaint

Result: Out of compliance

3-301.11(B) Upon entering the establishment, Inspector gave card to the cashier and entered the kitchen. A female employee, holding her cellphone to her ear with her left shoulder, was touching ready-to-eat donuts with her bare hands as she dredged one side in maple icing. Employee removed her cellphone by touching it with her right hand, placing it in the prep table toward the top of the container with icing and continued to dredge the donuts in icing with her bare hands, touching the icing during the process.

Employees said they had been trained in this manner and to use bare hands because gloves would melt if used on the hot product. Employees say the temperature must be of a certain degree to produce a quality product, allowing the glaze to be introduced onto the product successfully.

Another employee worked with Inspector to recreate the temperatures and process of applying icings and toppings to products using water heated in a metal pan to temperatures of 165℉, 187℉ and 193℉. The employee said the water felt to be the approximate temperatures.

The employee agreed the gloves did not show any signs of melting, heat stress or bubbling. She did agree that the heat level was more tolerable on her fingers as she repeatedly placed them in the hot water while donning gloves. All employees discussed the process they perform each day in making the donuts and described touching the donuts, icing and toppings with bare hands as they had been trained. Inspector called and discussed these findings with the owner. Gloves or other alternatives must be used when touching a ready to eat product after the cooking process. All product for sale and open icings and toppings were discarded.

NOTE: This is a production kitchen with product being distributed to other same-owned locations.

4-202.11(A)(2) A wire whisk is clean and ready to use with a wire broken with jagged, sharp edges protruding outwardly from the body of the food contact surface.

Corrected on-site: Discarded by person in charge.

4-302.14 No test kit for chlorine used for sanitizing solution. Test kit is needed.

4-601.11(A) There are two donut filler hoppers and attached ejection wands with copious amounts of dried food debris accumulated on the food contact surfaces. Both are stored with cloth towels covering the tops of the hoppers.

Not corrected on-site.

6-301.11 There is no soap available for use at the kitchen/prep area hand washing sink.

Corrected on-site: Hand soap replenished.

6-301.12 No paper towels or other hand drying provisions at the kitchen/prep area and the bathroom hand-washing sink.

Corrected on-site: Paper towels replenished.

6-501.111(A) There are four live flies in the front service area, landing on non-food contact surfaces. There is one fly landing on ready-to-eat glazed donut holes in the prep area. All donut holes were discarded. Inspector spoke with the owner, and there is no licensed pest control in place for regular application inside the food establishment and outside around the entrance doors and drive thru window.

Not corrected on-site.

Editor’s note: These inspections were edited for length and clarity. All service inspection results can be found on the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s website.

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