Dog of the Day: Duke

Photo courtesy of T. Russell Reitz Animal Shelter on

Duke is 3-year-old pit bull terrier. He was surrendered to the T. Russell Reitz Animal Shelter and has been up for adoption since Oct. 5. Duke is a sweet dog but is very strong and energetic. He has a bad shoulder, so any future owner will have to monitor his activity.

While Duke is great with people, he does not interact well with other dogs. Due to his enthusiasm and strength, Duke would probably not be suitable in a family with small children.

Duke likes the outdoors and open space to play in. Duke would be perfect for someone with previous dog experience, especially someone familiar with pit bulls.

If you are interested in adopting Duke or another dog or cat, head on down to the T. Russell Reitz Animal Shelter here in Manhattan. They have many dogs and cats to choose from and will process your adoption quickly.

Those interested in volunteering at the shelter can email for information. Volunteers must be 18 years old, have a valid photo ID and complete a two-part class.