Here’s how to check if your provisional ballot counted

Photo illustration by Hannah Greer | Collegian Media Group

There are multiple conflicts that can arise in the process of trying to cast a vote in an election. You may have had to mail in a ballot — a sometimes nerve-racking endeavor. You can be turned away at a polling place for multiple reasons.

For example, during an event to register more people to vote, Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity said the county election office lost all of the registrations they had provided — meaning any of the people they registered would be turned away at their polling place. More than 100 people were unable to cast votes.

While the matter is sorted out, the fraternity advised the students and community members to fill out provisional ballots, which allowed them to record the vote.

So, whether you submitted an advanced ballot, a provisional ballot or just want to know if your vote went through, the following tips will help you ensure the state counted you in.

You can try calling the election office after the ballots are canvassed. Riley County’s election office number is 785-565-6200. They can tell you if it was counted, and if not, why. You can also email the office. If neither of these modes of communication work, you can try to contact the secretary of state’s office. This information can be found on your county’s website, as well as the secretary of state website.

If your vote was counted, your voting history will be logged under your name and you can view it when you check your registration after the elections, regardless of the way you voted.

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