Avoid traveling at all costs today, but if you must, here is what you need to have with you

(Photo illustration by Alex Todd | Collegian Media Group)

As travellers brave the severe winter weather to head home after Thanksgiving, despite recommendations from the National Weather Service, blizzard conditions could leave them stranded in snow drifts or other winter hazards. To prepare for such a thing, gather some supplies before you hit the road today.

In the vehicle, there should be a coat, a hat, gloves, a scarf and boots for every passenger. Blankets are also recommended as parts of Kansas experience wind chills as low as 5 degrees fahrenheit and winds exceeding 30 mph.

Bring along an ice scraper or snowbrush to clear off your vehicle as needed. Make sure you have jumper cables as well.

Also make sure to bring a phone charger and battery booster.

Before beginning the drive, make sure you have a full or near full tank of gas in your vehicle as dangerous road conditions might lengthen the typical drive-time. Charge your cell phone completely before departure as well.

If you do become stranded, call for help and stay in your car with your emergency lights on. Do not leave your car under any circumstances, as you stand a better chance of being rescued in your car.

Kaylie Mclaughlin
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