Need a study break? Check out these Little Apple getaways

KS Hill is one of Manhattan's many hot spots. (Archive photo by Nathan Jones | Collegian Media Group)

Manhattan is home to several places where students can shoot the breeze and escape studying for a little bit. Most know about Manhattan Hill, Aggieville and Bill Snyder Family Stadium. But these aren’t all of hot spots in Manhattan. Some of these places may fly under the radar, but all of them are worth checking out.

KS Hill

Let’s start out with the sister of Manhattan Hill, which is KS Hill. Straight across town is a hill boasting the large letters “KS.” KS Hill is not nearly as popular as Manhattan Hill, but it the view is just as if not more spectacular. It’s a bit of a hike to get up to the letters, but the view is definitely worth it.

Public Hall

Need your caffeine fix? While Starbucks and Radina’s are most people’s coffee go-to locations, an up-and-coming coffee shop in Aggieville, Public Hall, might become your new favorite caffeine shop. Located on Moro Street, this coffee shop is a hip and relaxing place to meet up with friends and enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Bill Snyder Family Stadium — at night

Bill Snyder Family Stadium is a magnificent sight to behold, especially on game days when it is crawling with people and purple. But have you ever been to the stadium at night? With all of the lights and grandeur of the stadium, it seems to be like a castle straight out of the medieval times. Park your car in west parking lot and take in the sparking stadium against the dark night sky.

So Long Saloon

Manhattan has countless restaurants that are absolutely to die for, but there’s one that not everyone may not know about but definitely should. So Long Saloon has one signature food that Manhattan raves about, and it is raspberry bean dip. If you’ve never had it, please do yourself a favor and go. Right now. This bean dip, and the restaurant that makes it, is one of Manhattan’s best kept secrets.

Varsity Donuts

Not all donuts are made equally. There is one donut shop that rises above all others. With a wide variety of donuts and the flavor of the town in the decor inside, Varsity Donuts is a place that will take your taste buds on a ride that you’ll never forget.

There are many hot spots in Manhattan, hidden and not. These are just a few mentionable ones. The best way to experience Manhattan and all of its charm is to get out there and experience it for yourself.