Gift, wish list ideas for the upcoming holiday season

(Photo illustration by George Walker | Collegian Media Group)

With Christmas coming up, it’s time to start thinking of gifts for friends and families. Here are some ideas for the upcoming giving season.

Gift cards

For all of the broke college students out there, gift cards are something that is appreciated. This could be anything from restaurant gift cards for those who can’t eat at the dining hall on Sunday nights to gas gift cards for those who live out of town and have to drive to get to and from campus.

“I live four hours away from campus, so driving back-and-forth and spending money on gas takes a toll on my bank account,” Cara Hopkins, sophomore in life sciences, said. “I think a lot of students, including myself, would really appreciate getting gift cards from gas stations to use for the upcoming semester.”


This is a common category for a gift, and one of the easiest to give. Especially with it getting cold outside, sweaters, jackets, hats and gloves are something everyone needs. With Kansas weather able to change quickly, a lot of students were in quick need of a better coat to survive the snow for the upcoming months.

“I asked for a new winter coat and snow boots for Christmas,” Paige Burgess, sophomore in biochemistry, said. “The coat that I have now doesn’t protect me from the cold weather here. I also asked for boots because I don’t have any now and it sucks to not have any while walking in the snow.”


Another popular category asked by college students. There is always something new in the technology department that is desired by many individuals.

One popular electronic device is Apple Airpods. Airpods are Bluetooth-wired headphones provided by Apple to use for iPhones and MacBooks. This becomes helpful to listen to music and charge devices simultaneously, a common problem with newer iPhones.

Portable chargers are also a common gift item for the on-the-go students. It’s handy for those who are always on campus and gives students another option to charge their devices instead of struggling to find an outlet or not being able to charge it from a laptop.

TVs and speakers are also be a possible gift idea for those moving into their own place soon and need their own personal one.

Items for dorm rooms and apartments

With being half way through the school year, many students have realized what they are in need of for their living space. Mini fridges for dorm rooms to store food in, decorations to liven up the living space, blankets to keep warm in the winter time, toiletry items like lotions and even toys and materials for pets.

“I have a dog and a cat, so I ask for a lot of stuff for them,” Alyssa Arnsperger, junior in animal sciences and industry, said. “One item I asked for was a new litter box that scoops everything up at once, making it easier to care for my cat.”