Your guide to binge-worthy shows for finals procrastination

There are a plethora of options when it comes to binge-watching shows on Netflix to procrastinate. (Archive Photo | Collegian Media Group)

Finals are coming up soon. For some this means hitting the books, but for others it means logging back in to Netflix to procrastinate until they can’t avoid studying anymore. For the latter, here is your guide to binge-worthy shows currently available on Netflix

“The Haunting of Hill House”

You may think your finals are scary, but you don’t know scary until you are watching the thrilling Netflix series “The Haunting of Hill House.”

This addictive series will make you scared, sad, happy and honestly just one big mess of a spooked person. It follows a happy family who, one summer, moves into a large mansion to flip it. Things happen, ghosts happen and you will not want to stop watching until it is over.

“American Vandal”

This two-season “mockumentary” both pokes fun at the recent trend in true-crime documentaries, as well as plays into high school stereotypes. The first season focuses on finding out what prankster has been drawing—let’s just say, interesting—images all over the school.

The second season takes place at a different school plagued by a person who calls themselves “the Poopetrator.” Not only is it hilarious, but each episode will have you questioning the reality of the show.


In order to catch a criminal, you need to know how they think. This series takes you to the conception of the FBI’s behavioral analysis unit. “Mindhunter” revolves around two FBI agents and how they get stomach-turning-ly close to recently imprisoned (and now well-known) serial killers to interview them with the goal of solving future cases. If true crime has been a recent interest for you, look no further than this 10-episode series that will leave you on the edge of your seat.


Emma Stone and Jonah Hill play two strangers struggling with mental illness who are drawn into the later stages of a pharmaceutical trial that promises to fix any problems the mind may have. It takes you through a tripped-out worm hole of complex emotions, mental illness, trauma and joy.

“Maniac” takes time to understand, similar to the movie and book “Cloud Atlas.” But when you give it the consideration, it’ll sit you down like an old friend and show you the complexity, duality and beauty of the human mind.


If you think college is hard, try the FBI academy. This show explores the lives of FBI recruits as they go through training for 21 weeks. Even though they all have been thoroughly vetted and chosen for this position, they all hold darker secrets than one would expect.

One of those recruits has the darkest secret of all and is suspected of being the mastermind behind the largest terrorism attack since 9/11. There is lots of juicy drama, FBI talk that makes you feel smart and plenty of other reasons to keep hitting that “yes, I’m still watching” button until you finally have to face your studying.

“Stranger Things”

Honestly, if you haven’t seen “Stranger Things” by now, stop whatever you’re doing and watch it! Instead of studying, delve into the 1980’s small town of Hawkins, Indiana. A young boy vanishes, the town uncovers mysterious experiments and one very strange girl appears. Season three comes out in 2019, so watch seasons one and two before it comes out.

“The Great British Baking Show”

Who doesn’t like a good baking show to procrastinate with? “The Great British Baking Show” has some of the most talented bakers, delicious (and beautiful) food as well as an abundance of soothing British accents to top it all off better than chocolate dipped raspberries on a lemon cake.

“Chewing Gum”

Speaking of British accents, “Chewing Gum” is a hidden gem of comedy gold. It is effortlessly hysterical and relevant, offering a candid representation of an immigrant and the working-class community. Tracy Gordon, a 24-year-old virgin, grapples with her sexual awakening while still living in her Nigerian mother’s strictly religious home.

The heart of this show is in its characters, each one more loveable than the last, which will leave you with a brighter appreciation for the people you surround yourself with (or study with, after you finish this show of course).