Service Inspections: Bourbon and Baker, Wine Dive + Kitchen, HuHot Mongolian Grill


Bourbon and Baker

312 Poyntz Ave.

Date: Jan. 18, 2019

Reason: Routine

Result: In compliance

3-501.17(C) Cooked corn on the cob was held overnight, and then stripped of kernels with the current date placed on the container instead of the date of cooking. Re-dated.

Wine Dive + Kitchen

121 S 4th St.

Date: Jan. 17, 2019

Reason: Routine

Result: In compliance

3-501.16(A)(2) In make table #1, cut romaine lettuce (53℉) in a plastic Cambro sitting in a stainless steel Cambro. The lettuce was above the height of the stainless steel Cambro fill line. Person in charge said the lettuce had been in the make table overnight. Establishment opens at 4 p.m. Time now: 4:20 p.m. In make table #3, cooked diced onions (51℉), roasted mushrooms (51℉), portion bags of spaghetti noodles (54℉), portion bags of macaroni noodles (51℉), one large open can of broth (48℉), nine large pads of butter (48℉). NOTE: portion bags of pasta are double stacked in plastic Cambro. Only the top layer is out of temperature. The can of broth is almost completely full, and the top portion of the can is above the fill line of the plastic Cambro it is sitting in. Person in charge said these foods have been in the make table over night. Establishment opens at 4 p.m. Time now: 4:30 p.m. Corrected on site: discarded by person in charge.

3-501.17(B) In make table #1, three different commercially processed pork loin salami were opened Jan. 12 without a date mark. Corrected on site: date marked accordingly.

4-202.11(A)(2) Two rubber spatulas stored in the clean utensil drawer, ready to use, with cuts, gouges and rough surfaces on the food contact surfaces. Corrected on site: discarded by person in charge.

7-102.11 In the prep area, there is a spray bottle with a clear liquid content stored below in the chemical storage area without a label. Person in charge could not identify the content. Corrected on-site: discarded by person in charge. In the bar area, a spray bottle with a pinkish liquid content is stored hanging on the front of the cabinets. Person in charge identified it as sanitizing solution. Corrected on site: spray bottle labeled accordingly.

HuHot Mongolian Grill

100 Manhattan Town Center #345

Date: Jan. 14, 2019

Reason: Routine

Result: Out of compliance

4-202.11(A)(2) Stored clean and ready to use, one rubber spatula on the drying rack shelving unit with cuts, gouges and severely rough-textured food contact surface. Corrected on site: discarded by person in charge.

4-602.11(A)(4) Two thermometers stored in protective sheaths, ready to use, with food debris on the food contact surface. Corrected on site: person in charge cleaned the thermometers.

4-702.11 A male employee shredding cabbage with a sharp knife, wiped the knife with a towel and placed it on the wall mounted magnetic strip with other ready-to-use knives. Person in charge provided education to the employee by taking the knife and employee to ware washing and washed, rinsed and sanitized the knife.

5-202.12(A) The hand washing sink in the bar has hot water (88℉) after four minutes of running continuously. Not corrected on site.

5-203.14 There is a “Y” valve attached to the mop sink faucet. One has a black hose attached to a wall mounted chemical mixing unit with an air gap. One has a red hose attached with a nozzle attached to the end, stored in the basin of the mop sink. No Air Vacuum Breaker below the “Y” valve. Not corrected on site.

7-102.11 Hanging on the chemical storage wire shelving unit in the back aisleway, one spray bottle with an orange liquid content. Person in charge said it was Orange cleaner (all purpose). Corrected on site: bottle labeled accordingly.

Editor’s note: These inspections were edited for length and clarity. All service inspection results can be found on the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s website.

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