Slip and slide: Icy conditions keep students cautious on first day of class

A student slips on an icy sidewalk due to bad weather conditions on campus Tuesday. Since conditions continued to worsen throughout the day, avoiding a pratfall on the bad sidewalks proved challenging for many students. (Olivia Bergmeier | Collegian Media Group)

Conditions were cold, wet and gray on the first day of spring semester classes in Manhattan, but temperatures below freezing made the wet conditions turn into a hazard when ice began to form on sidewalks and roads.

“I’ve seen a lot of ice on campus,” Brian Bozzer, senior in marketing, said.

In many areas, sidewalks were completely covered with thin layers of nearly invisible ice, causing students to slip and lose their balance as they walked to class, sometimes to painful effect.

“I almost fell a couple of times,” Bozzer said.

While ice made walking around campus difficult, it also made getting to the campus in the first place a real challenge, particularly for students who live relatively far away.

Cole Christenson, junior in economics, said he struggled during the first half of his walk to campus.

“Where I live, it’s just ice everywhere,” Christenson said.

Gina D’Amato, graduate student in English, also said she had to exercise caution on her walk to campus.

“I did have to take a lot more time with it,” D’Amato said. “I have to walk very carefully.”

D’Amato added that one of her classes was cancelled today because of the poor sidewalk and road conditions.

“My teacher wanted us to be very careful,” D’Amato said.

I'm Macy Davis a former Collegian culture editor and a 2019 graduate in English. When I was not reading and writing (both for class and for fun), I was also a member of the nationally ranked K-State speech team.