Service Inspections: Kramer Complex

A Kramer worker serves food to a student in the Kramer Dining Center on Feb. 1, 2017. (Archive Photo by John Benfer | Collegian Media Group)

Kramer Complex

KSU Pittman Building

Date: Jan. 29, 2019

Type of inspection: Joint

Result: In compliance

3-501.16(A)(1) In the “cultivate you” platform, tapas sandwiches (made with feta cheese and roasted peppers, 127℉) are on the serving line in a two-inch stainless steel pan in a steam well under heat lamps and in hot holding unit at 123℉. Person in charge said the sandwiches were made on site at 10:30 a.m. Time now: 11:44 a.m. Corrected on site: sandwiches placed on flat grill and brought to 165℉ internal temperature and consumed by customers within four hours. Fire resistive wall issued.

3-501.16(A)(2) In the front of house on the cafeteria serve line, pizza slices are 59℉. Person in charge said pizza is placed there frequently from when the dining hall opens at 7:30 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. Time now: 8:54 a.m.

In the front of house in breakfast kitchen, there is french toast batter at 53℉ on a cart in the aisle in front of the flat grill. Person in charge said the large portion of this batter is kept in the walk-in cooler and this pan is refilled an average of three times before breakfast times conclude. Corrected on site: patrons’ consumption.

In the “green” platform, there is a stainless steel pan with bean sprouts (54℉) in a bus tub of crushed ice. The ice was not as high as the bean sprouts in the pan. Person in charge said she placed the bean sprouts on the ice at 10:15 a.m. Time now: 11:12 a.m. (held less than an hour out of temperature). Corrected on site: placed in an ice bath to cool.

In the pizza platform, pre-made pizzas (raw dough with ready-to-eat toppings, 58℉) are stored on a vertical speed rack in the aisle adjacent to the open pizza fire oven. Person in charge said the pizzas are made and stored in this manner. Fifty-five pizzas have been made and cooked by 12:17 p.m. with this procedure today since 10:30 a.m. Time now: 12:17 p.m.

In the self serve line of the grill platform, lettuce leaves (50℉) were placed on the line at 10:30 a.m. Time now: 12:24 p.m. Service concludes at 2:30 p.m. Corrected on Site: patrons’ consumption.

At Quick Cats, there is sliced turkey (60℉), sliced swiss cheese (55℉), sliced provolone cheese (54℉), genoa salami (50℉), cut lettuce (60℉), cut romaine lettuce (57℉), pepperoni (55℉), hummus (59℉) and hard boiled chopped eggs (59℉). Person in charge said the products were placed in this make table from the main kitchen at noon. Time now: 12:59 p.m. Ambient temperature of the make table is 68℉, held less than four hours out of temperature. Corrected on site: person in charge elected to discard product. Work order issued for make table, with two other reach-in coolers available for use. Inspector provided education and options to use time as public health control for foods that are consumed within four hours consistently.

3-501.17(B) In the self-serve breakfast kiosk and the self-serve beverage counter, milk dispensing machines are stocked with bagged milk, ready for service without date marks. Person in charge said some milk machine milk bags are emptied and replaced multiple times a day and others are used no longer than two days for regular milk and four days for skim milk, to include soy milk dispensing machines (held longer than 24 hours, but less than seven days). Corrected on site: date marked accordingly.

4-202.11(A)(2) In the back of house bakery, stored in a clean and ready-to-use utensil drawer, there are five rubber spatulas with cuts and gouges in the food contact surface. Corrected on site: two discarded and three trimmed by person in charge.

4-601.11(A) In the ingredients room, one rubber spatula is stored clean in the utensil drawer with dried food debris on the food contact surface. In the kitchen, stored clean and ready to use, a manual tomato slicer has food debris between the slicing plates. In the “Cultivate You” platform, a scoop is stored clean and ready to use with dried food debris on the outside of the scoop. In the “Southwest” platform, a manual dicer is stored clean and ready to use with dried food debris on the blades and plunger. Corrected on site: returned to ware washing to be cleaned.

4-602.11(A)(4) In the “Cultivate You” platform, the thermometer stored in the cook’s sleeve pocket, in a protective sheath and ready to use, has dried food debris on the food contact surface. Corrected on site: probe cleaned by inspector with alcohol wipe. Fire resistive wall issued.

5-205.11(A) In Quick Cats, the hand washing sink is inoperable. Corrected on site: a two-vat sink is available to use for hand washing until the hand washing sink is repaired. Maintenance responded.

7-102.11 In the yellow area of the kitchen, a spray bottle with a dark blue liquid content has no label. Person in charge said it is Formula 700, a non-food contact cleaner. Corrected on site: labeled accordingly.

In back of house bakery, a spray bottle of a light blue liquid content doesn’t have a label. Person in charge identified it as glass cleaner. Corrected on site: labeled accordingly.

In the mop closet in the ware washing area, there are two spray bottles with blue liquid content without labels. Person in charge identified both contents as glass cleaner and Power 7 hard surface cleaner. Corrected on site: labeled accordingly.

In the front of house bakery, there is a squeeze bottle of a green liquid content in the cabinet, under the hand washing sink. Person in charge identified it as liquid dish soap. Corrected on site: labeled accordingly.

7-201.11(B) At the “green” platform, a box of gloves used for food contact is stored on the counter under the hand soap dispenser next to the hand washing sink. No contamination detected. Corrected on site: box of gloves relocated.

Editor’s note: These inspections were edited for length and clarity. All service inspection results can be found on the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s website.

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