OPINION: The top 5 hipster spots on campus

The sunset turns the sky a fiery, hipster pink over the Quad on the evening of April 25, 2013. (Archive Photo By Hannah Hunsinger | Collegian Media Group)

Being a hipster is all about the aesthetic, so here are the top five Instagram-worthy hipster spots on campus.

1. Radina’s Coffeehouse

Radina's Coffeehouse in the Leadership Studies Building is as rad as it gets. (Collegian Media Group)

Sip away on a latte while you knock out assignments. The Leadership Studies Building is nice, new and surrounded by greenery, making it as Insta-worthy as a good cup of joe.

2. Willard Hall

A student studies diligently at Willard Hall. Light shines behind him as he admires the retro, avant garde decor. (Abigail Compton | Collegian Media Group)

I know, Willard isn’t exactly as new and shiny as Leadership Studies. But that’s the charm of it! It’s also often covered in art projects, which is only a bonus.

3. The Engineering Complex

Students sit near large windows and study, knowing full well that everyone can see how hip and ironic they are. (Abigail Compton | Collegian Media Group)

With its maze-like interior and bounty of windows, the Engineering Complex has it all. Nothing says “cool” like torque and trigonometry.

4. Seaton Hall

A student takes a break on his phone as he begins to chill in Seaton Hall. (Abigail Compton | Collegian Media Group)

The new addition to the architecture building affords several study spots — even some with a view of the illusive mosaic on the opposite building.

5. Memorial Stadium

Memorial Stadium at sunset is a pretty nice place to be. It doesn't get more fresh than this. (Olivia Rogers | Collegian Media Group)

Head on over to Memorial Stadium at any time of day for fun and games, but if you really want to be a hipster, the sunsets there are pretty incredible. This place was built for photos.

What are your favorite spots on campus? Let us know!

Olivia Rogers is a community editor for the Collegian, the secretary of the College Republicans at Kansas State and a junior in political science. The views and opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Collegian. Please send comments to opinion@kstatecollegian.com.

I’m Olivia Rogers. I graduated with dual degrees in philosophy and political science in May 2020. After I graduated, I went on to attend law school at Notre Dame. While at the Collegian, I served as the community editor for several semesters, working to share the opinions of the K-State student body. I write because: “Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving.”― Madeleine L'Engle