Kelly-Spencer campaign found in violation with second minor violation


On Thursday morning, a Student Governing Association election hearing was held, determining that the Kelly-Spencer campaign committed a second minor violation in regards to non-reported donated services.

The first violation was related to the campaign video and was heard on Sunday. An appeal was filed by the campaign, but the initial ruling was upheld. The second was related to some campaign photography donated to the campaign.

The hearing was initially scheduled to deliberate the complaint filed by Kristen Schau, elections commissioner and sophomore in political science and communication studies. The complaint had two concerns of violation. The first was related to the failure to include necessary expenses in the expense report. The second was under suspect of a “deliberate submission of false or misleading information or deliberate omission of information,” which would have been a major violation.

The Kelly-Spencer campaign was found in violation for the first concern, but “[the] board determined there was not sufficient evidence that any information provided by the Kelly Campaign was deliberately omitted or used to mislead.”

Some of the photos posted on the campaign’s Instagram account tagged the photographer account @at.visuals. The account appeared to do photography for a commission as indicated by a permanent Instagram story which states “dm for pricing and info.”

The reasoning for the determination was as follows:

“The services of @at.visuals are not provided at no cost to the general public, meaning the services should have been listed on the Kelly expense report.”

The sanction stated:

“The campaign must remove all photos that tag photographer @at.visuals as well as any other photos taken and/or edited by this photographer. The campaign must submit a revised expense report listing $11.76 for the services provided by @at.visuals. Both sanctions must be complied by [5 p.m.] on Friday, [Feb. 15].”

A hearing for a suspected violation of the Penny-Karamali campaign is taking place tonight at 8 p.m. The suspected violation has not been classified as major or minor.

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