Student support director resigns, legislation to remove elections commissioner fails


After a week of violations and a presidential campaign disqualification, the Student Governing Association heard resignations, legislation about election officials and praise.

Ian Boyd, junior in political science, resigned from his position as student support director on Thursday night. Boyd said that the elections process disproportionally supports certain groups of students over others.

The whole system, Boyd said, is not to be a support system, but as an enforcement mechanism for rules. It is also difficult for students who don’t have money to run for office he added.

“I have been privy to many conversations and experiences which has formed my understanding of to what extent SGA supports students,” Boyd said. “As of right now, we are far from our potential as an organization, and I believe this process begins with the process in which students join SGA.”

Then, legislation was introduced to remove Kristen Schau, sophomore in political science, as elections commissioner. The bill had over 130 authors and included Ryan Kelly, speaker for student senate and junior in communication studies. Kelly, whose student body presidential campaign was disqualified Thursday morning, excused himself before reading of legislation. The bill was presented by Alec Hildreth, senior in marketing and student senator.

The bill garnered over an hour of debate.

There was a motion for a special order to vote on the legislation Thursday night instead of waiting until next week, but the motion failed. There was then a motion to postpone the bill indefinitely, which passed.

“The fact that we are having this discussion is really disappointing to me,” said Shelby Carpenter, senior in education and chair of senate operations committee.

“I come before you very worried,” Nathan Bothwell, intern coordinator and junior in political science, said. “This legislation doesn’t use correct language and removing her from office will have negative consequences.”

Topics of debate against tabling the bill included the Kelly-Spencer website, copyright and election difficulties.

Also, after constitutional review, Peter Moyer, SGA attorney general and senior in political science, said the privilege fee’s recommendation for a two percent decrease to the Union Program Council’s budget that was debated on Jan. 31 retroactively passed. The recommendation only needed a simple majority.

Jordan Kiehl, student body president and senior in industrial engineering, said she is excited there is debate and reminded the student senators that they can change things they see problems with.

“If you are unhappy about the current state of the university, dedicate your energy on that,” Kiehl said. “We all have a part in that. Let’s move on together as a senate for the remainder of our term,”

Student senate will reconvene at 7 p.m. on Feb. 28 in Wildcat Chamber.

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