In impossible-to-lose race, Penny takes student body president election


The election’s over, and here is your slate of representatives for the 2019-2020 body of the Student Governing Association.

Student Body President and Vice President
Jansen Penny & Ali Karamali (1805 votes, 100 percent of votes in race*)

Note: Although there was a no vote option on the presidential ballot, the option did not mean a no-confidence vote. Only votes cast for a specific candidate (i.e. Penny) were counted. More than 500 students voted “none”.

Board of Directors, Student Publications

1-year term
Alex Batson (22 votes)
Dugan Hult (13 votes)
John Chapple (13 votes)
Zachary St. Claire (10 votes)

2-year term
Alex Batson (17 votes)

Union Governing Board
1-year term
Hannah Heatherman (764 votes)
Marcus Kidd (756 votes)

2-year term
Aryan Tayal (1249 votes)

Alex Batson (18 votes)
Hannah Heatherman (8 votes)

College of Agriculture
Student Senate (7 positions)
Michael Dowd (173 votes)
Riley Sleichter (173 votes)
Noah Ochsner (163 votes)
Kasey Kerperin (138 votes)
Reid Huffman (131 votes)
Alan Hinds (124 votes)
Thomas Smith (112 votes)

College Council – President
Reid Huffman (150 votes)

College Council – Vice president
Noah Ochsner (149 votes)

College Council – Secretary

Walker Clawson (116 votes)

College Council – Treasurer

Clayton Wharton (220 votes)

College Council – Activities director

John Kennedy (238 votes)

College Council – Public relations director
Thomas Smith (234 votes)

College of Architecture, Planning and Design
Student Senate (1 position)

Fernando Garcia (10 votes)

College of Arts and Sciences
Student Senate (15 positions)

Lily Colburn (178 votes)
Olivia Pruss (176 votes)
Ryan Kelly (167 votes)
Hayley Spellman (161 votes)
Michael A. Leverett II (155 votes)
Nathan King (144 votes)
Marissa Lux (141 votes)
Sara Wallace (140 votes)
Julia Howey (127 votes)
Justin Watkins (120 votes)
Emily Matos (116 votes)
Natalie Jabben (111 votes)
Sahiba Grover (109 votes)
Trey Kuhlmann (104 votes)
Faisal ALMadani (101 votes)

College Council (12 positions)
Sara Wallace (240 votes)
Hayley Spellman (223 votes)
Justing Watkins (207 votes)
Sahiba Grover (192 votes)
William Moore (177 votes)
Kiara O’Dea (175 votes)
Bella Villegas (159 votes)
Dawson Maring (157 votes)
Sade Denny (147 votes)
Grace Palcic (4 votes)
TIE: Jackson Willis, Michael Leverett, Nicholas McCreight, Ryan Ranzau, Samuel Morgan (2 votes each)

College of Business Administration
Student Senate (8 positions)
Sadie Polson (125 votes)

Cameron Koger (119 votes)
Hannah Heatherman (113 votes)
Regan Stonestreet (108 votes)
Bryson Meinhardt (101 votes)
Sarah Pelton (100 votes)
Blaine Snyder (81 votes)
Thomas Ryckert (80 votes)

College of Education
Student Senate (3 positions)

Tel Wittmer (68 votes)
Nick Beasley (53 votes)
Ashlyn Gillspie (40 votes)

College of Engineering
Student Senate (11 positions)

Mathew Orzechowski (160 votes)
Ali Karamali (159 votes)
Jansen Penny (155 votes)
Andrew Booze (147 votes)
Marian Cruz (147 votes)
Sydney Clements (145 votes)
Creighton Glasscock (142 votes)
Kelli Ward (134 votes)
Olivia Hamlin (129 votes)
Ben Snyder (126 votes)

College of Human Ecology
Student Senate (6 positions)

Peyton Kavanagh (140 votes)
Anna Spencer (139 votes)
Morgan Bettencourt (129 votes)
Jeremy Newport (127 votes)
Ethan Rice (125 votes)
Brynn Carlson (117 votes)

College Council (8 spots)
Brynn Carlson (141 votes)
Ethan Rice (141 votes)
Joshua East (2 votes)
TIE: Alex Wulfkuhle, Barry Brown, Cordell Neely, Erin Macadam, Evangelina Gallardo, Garrett Jackson, Hailey Price, Juan De Santiago, Levi Stockard, MacKenzie Gwinner, Mary Winship (1 vote each)

Graduate School
Student Senate (8 positions)

Marcus Kidd (47 votes)
Abbey Gilliland-King (40 votes)
Kaleb Goertzen (38 votes)
Camila Rivera (3 votes)
TIE: Alexa Soifua, Grant Hill, Lydia Barnhart, Monshonda BOoker, Nathan Hein, Scott Heise, Yemane Belaineh (1 vote each)

College of Veterinary Medicine
Student Senate (1 positions)

Madeline Burke (15 votes)