A K-State student won a year’s supply of Qdoba, but he’s not keeping it

Qdoba doubled the amount of food upon hearing the news. (Alanud Alanazi | The Collegian)

A Kansas State student faced a year’s worth of Qdoba, and decided it just was not for him. Instead, he donated it to Manhattan’s local homeless shelter.

After winning the equivalent of 52 entrees from Qdoba Mexican Eats during a three-pointer contest at the men’s basketball game against Oklahoma on March 9, Cameron Koger, freshman in marketing, took to Twitter to auction off his prize to the most-deserving candidate.

“I don’t even like Mexican food, that’s the thing,” Koger said. “So I was like, I’ll just give this away to whoever has the best reason they want it. I tweeted that out and like 600 people came to me.”

The tweet garnered 118 public replies of people making their case for why they should receive the 52 free Qdoba entrees. Responses came from strangers and Koger’s mother.

“I gave birth to you […] just sayin’,” she tweeted.

After some thought, Koger asked a friend who works at Manhattan’s local homeless shelter, Manhattan Emergency Shelter, Inc., if they would be able to put the food to good use.

Other Twitter users had the same idea.

“I would use it to feed a different homeless person a week!,” one user responded.

“Donate it to the local homeless shelter,” another wrote.

Koger announced his decision via Twitter on Monday.

“While all you guys (for the most part) have good reasons why you want it, there are people out there who need it a little more,” he tweeted. “This’s why I contacted the Manhattan Homeless Shelter, who will be able to feed their entire shelter twice.”

Qdoba’s official Twitter account then tweeted that they would double the amount of food to help the cause.

“What a great gesture to donate your prize to a good cause,” the tweet reads. “We want to do our part and DOUBLE the amount of food to provide even more meals to the Manhattan homeless shelter!”

“It’s fantastic that they’re doing that,” Koger said. “It’s going to help out more people, or the people that it is helping, it will help out more.”

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 6.51.57 PM.png
Cameron Koger, freshman in marketing, holds up his cherished maracas at the K-State football game versus KU on Nov. 10, 2018, only days before his purple maraca (circled) was stolen. (Courtesy Photo by Cameron Koger)

A passionate K-State sports fan, Koger also lost one of his prized K-State themed maracas back in November. He has not located it yet.

“I have not found my maraca yet,” he said. “I’m still on the hunt.”

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