On busy nights, intramural sports give opportunities for students to be active

Staring intently at the game, Kaylie Campbell, sophomore in animal sciences and industry, holds her whistle in her mouth at the ready. While refereeing intramural basketball, she keeps a close eye on the game even while running up and down the court. (Rowan Jones | Collegian Media Group)

March 7 was a busy Thursday night in Manhattan, and Thursdays are the night to go to the Recreation Complex and watch or play intramural sports at Kansas State.

The Rec Complex is currently focused on intramural basketball, but Teresa Christie, intramural supervisor and senior in agribusiness, said there are other intramural sports taking place right now, too.

“Currently, we have basketball and individual sports,” Christie said. “We also have 2K, badminton and racquetball, and then after spring break, soccer will begin.”

While there are a variety of sports to take part in, basketball is one that is clearly more popular than other intramural sports.

“Intramural basketball is the gauntlet of basketball here on campus,” Spencer Fuller, senior in marketing, said. “It’s kind of like battle royale, but it’s basketball.”

Tyus Heinrich, Rec Complex official and senior in nutrition and health, said intramural sports are more than just something to do with friends on a Thursday night, which is one of the busiest nights at the Rec Complex.

“Intramural sports are really about conflict management how do you interact with different people and how do you diffuse situations,” Heinrich said. “You really bring in your people skills. With players and then your fellow officials, it’s all about how you manage the game and then how you go about making sure the game doesn’t get messed up.”

Just about every available court is filled up on Thursday nights with students playing basketball. On March 7, the playoff games for intramural basketball tournament were held.

“To get to the playoffs, you play five regular season games,” Fuller said. “Everyone is separated into pools and you have to be among the top three or four teams in your pool to make the playoffs. … We went three-in-one I believe this year, so the way that works then is at the end of the playoffs, they seed you based on that and then [hold] single-game eliminations from there.

With the basketball season coming to an end, students can get involved with tennis, softball and other intramural sports for the last part of the spring semester at the Rec Complex.