REVIEW: Tune in to ‘theNewsWorthy’ for a news podcast on the go

(Courtesy Photo by theNewsWorthy)

Want to be a more informed citizen without spending hours scrolling through a newsfeed? Have you seen news on social media and questioned how accurate it was? “theNewsWorthy” is a podcast that has you covered.

“theNewsWorthy” is a simple podcast to keep up with weekday news in less than 10 minutes. Every weekday, the podcast is put up before 4 a.m. so listeners can enjoy a summary of what is currently going on in the United States and around the globe while they are getting ready for the day.

The founder and host, Erica Mandy, keeps the podcast short and fun. Previously seen on many TV news stations, Mandy’s experience as a reporter has encompassed everything from covering terrorist attacks to interviewing corporate CEOs.

When you’re beginning to keep up with the current news, it can feel as if you do not know enough information to hop into many of the articles. What makes this podcast amazing is its quick, unbiased content that gets straight to the point.

Furthermore, many news apps give you the option of choosing if you would prefer articles from different categories, from world politics to space exploration and fashion. While it can be nice to dive into your interests, this podcast allows you to learn about things you wouldn’t hear otherwise by staying in a niche category.

As far as social media goes, information can become altered as it spreads. Algorithms within many social apps track what you have previously clicked on, delivering news ideologies you would like to see, instead of unbiased facts.

For this podcast, the news cannot track previous interest because it is delivered in the same standard system, and news is succinct enough there is no opportunity for opinions to be given.

My favorite part? The podcast allows anyone to listen to the news on the go. Every morning, my walk on my way to class with headphones gives me a quick news update for the day.

So, next time someone brings up subjects like Boeing planes in Ethiopia or the celebrity college admission scandal, you’ll have some quick knowledge on the subject without spending hours sifting through the endless news cycle and commentary. Don’t know what those are about? Even more of a reason tune in to “theNewsWorthy.”

Sierra Staatz is a freshman in chemical engineering. The views and opinions expressed in this review are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Collegian. Please send comments to