REVIEW: ‘Us’ is a must-watch horror movie

A still of actress Lupita Nyong'o from the film "Us." (Courtesy Photo by Universal Studios)

When going into “Us,” the latest horror film from “Get Out” director Jordan Peele, I had some skepticism.

The horror genre has had many ups and downs through its history, but “Us” felt different. “Us” gave me more than most horror movies I have seen.

“Us” follows the four members of the Wilson family as they go on a family vacation. Adelaide Wilson, the mother, finds tension in the vacation area from her past, and tells her husband that she feels uneasy about the place. Adelaide’s suspicions come true, and the family must defend themselves against their worst fears.

The acting must be strong for a movie to feel authentic, and the acting very much followed through in “Us.”

Lupita Nyong’o’s performance as Adelaide Wilson was astounding to watch. Nyong’o shows an intense range of emotions through the movie, and I got lost in the story — in a good way.

Nyong’o gave me the chills and made the entire immersive experience so much stronger. Her acting was not the only strong performance in the movie, though; all the leading actors and actresses created the entire experience that “Us” gives you.

The plot was another shining point in the movie, and it didn’t feel like any other horror movie I have seen before. I was excited and scared at each stage of the movie, and the pacing felt just right to keep me at the edge of my seat.

This movie was scary, and in large part I believe that the sound design had to do with that. After leaving the theater, my ears where still ringing with the sounds of the movie.

All the sounds worked together to keep the suspense going the entire movie. It got very quiet at the times that felt right, and the music occasionally worked as a comedy tool or a release from all the tension. Overall, the sounds of “Us” will keep you feeling scared for days.

Additionally, “Us” was full of visual metaphors. As an artist and a big movie enthusiast, I felt like this movie had a lot to offer me. The color, the placement of objects and the objects themselves all felt significant in the movie.

I wanted to learn more when I left the theater and turned to Google to find more information about what I had just seen. It was exciting to watch a horror movie and be thinking about it days after I watched it.

In conclusion, “Us” is a must-see for horror lovers and movie lovers alike. You will be thinking about it long after its conclusion and feel shivers run down your back as you reflect on the movie.

It would be a great movie to bring your friends to and enjoy the experience together. Unlike some other movies in the genre, it gave me good acting, authenticity and real fear during the experience. “Us” is the horror movie to beat in 2019.

Abigail Compton is a sophomore in fine arts. The views and opinions expressed in this review are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Collegian. Please send comments to