As part of 70th anniversary facelift, KSDB radio will change call letters to KUSX

KSDB-FM announced Monday morning it would be changing its call letters to KUSX-FM in the near future. (Courtesy photo by KSDB-FM)

Spring is a time of new beginnings, and for the student-run radio station at Kansas State University, April will be a time of significant change.

As part of the festivities celebrating the station’s 70th anniversary, KSDB-FM announced on its morning show Monday that it will be rebranding and changing its radio call letters to KUSX.

“We’re really wanting to embrace our campus pride, and that’s where this comes in,” said Zach St. Clair, program director for KUSX-FM and junior in English. “We think some healthy rivalry isn’t a bad thing, especially considering what we said is true.”

When asked if the station understood the implication of the new call sign, which St. Clair pronounced as “K-U-Sux,” St. Clair said the station was aware.

“We said what we meant,” St. Clair said.

The call letter change comes as part of the station’s overall rebranding efforts, which include a celebration this Friday at 12:30 p.m. in the Union Courtyard. The event will include free food and the chance to win tickets to a Cardi B concert.

You can listen to the morning show in the player below.

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