Bill Snyder announces 2020 presidential candidacy

Former football coach Bill Snyder announced that his presidential campaign will be based on his 16 pillars of success and common sense policies. (Archive photo by Zach Werhan | Collegian Media Group)

In a press conference held at the Vanier Football Complex in Manhattan, former Kansas State football coach Bill Snyder announced his plan to run for President of the United States in the 2020 general election.

In his brief remarks, Snyder said his campaign would be modeled after his 16 pillars of success, which guided his Wildcat football team to 500 all-time wins and became the subject of a children’s book he co-authored with Jefferson Knapp called “Take It from Me.”

“I’ve always been a coach,” Snyder said. “I would view the presidency as just another coaching position.”

Snyder, a registered Republican, said he plans to model his campaign on common sense policies. When asked by a member of the press what he would do to fight political corruption in the White House, Snyder said he would make his staff do “at least 100 push-ups daily” to “purge them” of any ill intent.

Though the bid is unofficial at this time, Snyder also announced his plan to run alongside Eric Stonestreet, K-State alumnus and Hollywood actor famous for his role on the TV show “Modern Family.”

“Coach has been an integral part of growing the K-State Family,” Stonestreet said over the phone. “He plans to build America in that same way.”

Students like Jimmy Olsen, junior in accounting, have indicated that they already plan to vote for Snyder and strongly approve of his campaign.

“I don’t even know what he’s planning to do, but he can’t be any worse than what we usually get nowadays,” Olsen said. “I’d follow Coach Snyder anywhere. The man’s like a golden god, but with glasses.”

Snyder, if elected in 2020, would be the oldest president elected in the United States at 80 years old on November 3, 2020. Snyder would beat the previous record holder, Ronald Reagan, who was 73 years old when he was elected to his second term in 1984.

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