K-State to begin treating potential students like athletics recruits

Prospective students will be sitting in on exams to get a feel for what life is like at Kansas State. (Archive photo by Allen Eyestone | Collegian Media Group)

Following six consecutive semesters of declining spring enrollment, Kansas State University announced it will treat potential new students like sports team recruits to incentivize enrollment.

Currently, K-State Athletics recruits are invited to big games, given great seats to watch sporting events from and are allowed to personally interact with the coaching staff. New Student Services is now planning to follow a similar process for new K-State students.

Instead of taking potential new students on tours of campus, tour guides will now take potential students to lecture halls during midterms and finals. They will sit in the front rows, take the exams and additionally fill out TEVALs following their exams for the complete academic experience.

Potential students will also receive a syllabus from all classes visited, invitations to random group projects and confusing, wishy-washy emails regarding class cancellations.

In another groundbreaking move, New Student Services will now require potential students to enroll on KSIS for classes to visit prior to arriving in Manhattan.

These changes will also affect the teaching staff. Much like how football and basketball coaches visit with their recruits, professors and teaching assistants will now have to do the same and hold hearty conversations with every potential K-State student.

Additionally, some teaching staff will now be required to complete one-on-one visits with potential students in their hometowns, depending on said students’ ACT scores.

Finally, New Student Services announced that every new student enrolling in K-State will be eligible for a signing day ceremony. Ceremonies will follow the tradition of student athlete signings and allow K-State to share social media posts covering highly sought-after academic recruits with high GPAs and ACT scores.

New Student Services added that these new strategies are “groundbreaking” for academic recruitment and have the potential to revolutionize the academic world with “no chance” for an enrollment scandal.