NCAA bans KU from playing men’s basketball due to broken streak

Big Jay (left) and Baby Jay (right) dance on the court as the University of Kansas band plays for the pregame celebration. The Kansas State Wildcats played against the Kansas Jayhawks at Allen Fieldhouse on Feb. 26, losing 64-49. (Olivia Bergmeier | Collegian Media Group)

After a unanimous decision by NCAA officials, the University of Kansas has been banned from playing men’s basketball for the foreseeable future.

The ban has already had a disastrous effect on both the Jayhawk basketball team and its fans. The members of the KU basketball team were reportedly shocked when they were told they would have to buy tickets to attend next season’s Big 12 Tournament games in Kansas City, Missouri.

Jayhalk fans have submitted numerous complaints to the NCAA on the matter, with the majority indicating that KU’s basketball program needs to continue to prevent the university from fading into international irrelevancy.

According to an NCAA press release on the matter, KU was banned from basketball for failing to win a 15th straight Big 12 Conference title in both regular season and postseason play. The ban came out of frustration from both the NCAA and various marketing companies that had already spent money producing merchandise to celebrate the continuation of KU’s tournament streak.

“Despite our repeated requests to ‘get good,’ the Jayhawks have let down all parties involved this season,” the NCAA release reads. “The NCAA believes the KU basketball team should only be allowed to compete if it remains profitable, and this season’s results are indicative of a downward trend. If the team at KU is able to turn its performance around, the NCAA will gladly lift the ban, but only if the Jayhawks meet our highest expectations.”

The announcement of KU’s basketball ban has sparked joy among millions of basketball fans from other schools around the country. Sources have indicated this is because fans of other schools now feel comfortable supporting their university without fear of being lectured about KU’s tournament streak.

Jayhawk fans will now have to put all their hopes and dreams into the football season, and analysts are expecting the basketball ban to help raise attendance at KU football games. Reports that the basketball ban was a result of collusion from the football team are unconfirmed at this time.