Parking on Campus Creek Road not allowed April through June due to construction


Students and community members will not be able to park along Campus Creek Road from April 1 to around June 15 due to construction. The city of Manhattan is working on a storm sewer project in hopes of allowing better drainage of the Campus Creek area in times of heavy rain and high waters.

Areas that were initially squared off and designated for parking along the area have been removed and replaced with space to keep construction equipment said Karen Becker, principle civil engineer for the city.

“We removed, I want to say, 13 stalls. However, at the pre-construction meeting, there were discussions with K-State parking services and I know they were working on the details of that,” said Becker.

The number of parking spaces being removed is still being determined, Becker said.

Left turns from Campus Creek Drive onto North Manhattan Avenue will also not be allowed. Becker said everything should be localized near the construction area to avoid further traffic disruption.

“We’re hoping to have everything very much contained right there at the creek,” Becker said. “The reason why those parking stalls are being removed is because we are channeling off an area on Campus Creek where they can store materials and equipment.”

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