Warmer weather creates dreams of relaxation for K-State students

Students flock to trees on and off campus to hammock in the spring sun. (John Chapple | Collegian Media Group)

As the temperatures rise, allergies flare up and the plains are set on fire, spring has shown that beautiful and relaxing days are right around the corner. Students have already taken time between classes to pitch their hammocks and take a few minutes for themselves.

“I can’t wait to be able to go to Manhattan City Park and sit in my hammock until the sun sets. Hearing the birds chirping and watching other people enjoy the park as well,” Taylor Olson, junior in computer science, said. “I’m also ready to wear lighter clothes and see trees with leaves again.”

Olson wasn’t the only one excited about the plants to be green again. Landon Forche, senior in horticulture, works at Blueville Nursery, said right now the focus of his job is trees.

“We are digging up the trees that we had grown and preparing them to be sold to our clients. Well, they are already sold we are just making sure they are ready to be shipped,” Forche said. “But, what I am really excited for this spring is heading over to KC to spend time with my friends over there.”

And, friends are an important part of the springtime months. Whether you are hiking up hammocks, shooting some hoops or just relaxing in the sun, friends can make your spring better.

Izzy Sundermen, sophomore in agricultural education, and Ariyana Wheeles, freshman in theatre, laugh over jokes in a shady hammock after class. (John Chapple | Collegian Media Group)

A little bit of fun next to the water can also create a better experience. While Tuttle Creek Lake may be delaying some of its seasonal features due to high levels of water, some Manhattan residents are still excited for some fun next to the reservoir.

“When I get the time, I hope to spend some time down at Tuttle Creek and hang out with my friends,” Trenton Schneider, freshman in psychology, said.

However, Schneider also offered up a sobering thought.

“But, right now I am sticking to my studies,” he said.

He wasn’t the only one to say it. Students have a lot of work to get done and that doesn’t stop just because it’s getting warmer. Tests, quizzes and research papers often take up the time that would have gone towards enjoying a warm afternoon. Olson and Forche also shared that the biggest obstacle they had while enjoying the rising temperatures was school work.

“I don’t see spring as a time for more work for me because we have been working hard year-round,” Forche said. “Plants don’t only exist in the spring.”